VEGAS STRONG - Silver Springs' bred colt sells for $850k at FT Midlantic
RSS Feeds Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Vegas Strong as a foal with his dam, Tayrona. 


As a commercial operation, most of the horses on the farm are owned by our clients.  However, Silver Springs makes efforts each year to breed a couple of mares that we own.  It makes every stroke of fortune that much sweeter when we have a horse light up the newsstands with the level of success that Vegas Strong had last Tuesday evening at the Fasig-Tipton Midlantic 2yo-in-training sale.

The second foal out of our mare Tayrona, the Colonel John colt was born on March 16th in 2017.  Steve Johnson, our farm owner, commented, “We thought he was a nice colt from the beginning, but really, that’s all we could say about him.  He was strong, well-conformed, smart, active, and most importantly – healthy.  But that’s not unlike so many of our other foals.  There wasn’t any one particular attribute that set him apart from the rest of the foals born that year.  He was just a nice foal.”

“This horse business is very much like any other business, except that it’s so very different.  As much as we may think we know what’s going on in the business, the less we actually know.  It’s funny, because we have so many foals that fit the description of the Tayrona colt,  and not all of them will end up as rewarding as he has done to date.  Although we were happy with the sale when we originally sold him in November, for him to have realized 80 times his initial sale price is mind-boggling.  As much as I would like to broadcast, “…I always knew he was a superstar,” …I actually had no idea that he would turn out this good,” admitted Johnson.

That mare has produced some nice foals for us.  So have the rest of our mares.  But really, the exciting part of our industry is when we all just keep doing what we’re doing and hoping that one day we get touched and make it lucky.  We will continue to work hard, take care of our horses, and as we so often hear in the horse business, we have to keep ourselves positioned so that at some point, luck will touch us.

Congratulations to the connections of Vegas Strong on a great sale, and good luck to the new owners with his racing career.  We will be watching!

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