Our Spring 2019 KEMI interns have graduated!
RSS Feeds Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 Spring KEMI Interns!

Foaling and breeding season has come to a close, and with it our 2019 Spring KEMI interns have graduated!  After the last six months with us, they’ve had the chance to experience all aspects of farm life, from taking part in night watch rotations and foalings, helping in the office, spending days with the training division, assisting in vet work, attending shed runs, and of course the daily care of our mares and foals.  Catch up with them to see how they’re doing!

What was one thing you learned during your internship?


I have learned so much during this internship, from foaling procedures, teasing, different ways to doctor a horse, training, office management, and so much more.  My horsemanship has improved so much from my first day.


I learned how to deal with different foals’ personalities.  Some are very sweet while others can be skittish, but I learned how to deal with both.


Do you have any favorite memories of your time with us?


I have too many great memories to choose just one, but being able to see a foal being born is something that never got old no matter what time of the night we were called in.  There is something about a living thing being born and being able to stand and nurse on its own in just a few hours that is incredible.


My two favorite memories are when I saw a mare get bred to Justify, and when I stayed up all night bottle feeding a foal.


What are your plans after graduation?


I am going back to Texas A&M to finish up my degree.

Kaitlyn:  I plan to apply to either Hagyard or Rood and Riddle to become a vet tech, and to get more experience with the vet and horse care side of the industry.


We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  Thanks for the great season!

Kathryn riding a training horse during her internship.