Mangement Spotlight: Office Manager Michele
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Management Spotlight:  Office Manager Michele

Michele with her fan of breeding shed paperwork. 


About Her:  Spend any amount of time in our office, and you’re sure to hear “Hey Michele…” ring out more than once.  It doesn’t matter what the question is – she always has the answer or knows how to get it.  We have an ongoing joke here at Silver Springs where Michele often says “Let me go consult my crystal ball!”  Acting as a liaison between our managers, vets, and other farms, Michele keeps the controlled chaos of running a horse farm all under wraps. 

What she does:  In this current season, Michele is busy booking mares to stallions around the Central Kentucky region.  The days the breeding sheds open surrounding Valentine’s Day are almost like opening weekend of hunting season:  all the programmed barren and maiden mares are in heat and need to be booked – NOW.  Flitting between calling the stallion farms; preparing breeding shed paperwork; entering vet work from the day before on farm mares; scheduling vanning – it all makes for a busy day in the office and only hits the tip of the iceberg in all that she does.

Michele’s experience is not limited to her 20+ years in the office.  Before that, she worked in the barns on multiple farms doing everything from breaking yearlings, broodmare management, foal watch, night watch, sales prep and sales.  She still regularly works the sales usually running cards and occasionally showing a horse or two.

Best horse she’s ever touched:  ROYAL DELTA (helped with her at the sales), TOMISUE’S DELIGHT (prepped as a yearling), CAPTAIN BODGIT, CRYPTOCLEARANCE, DEVIL HIS DUE, PETIONVILLE (contracts/mare bookings), and many others.

#Side Hustles:  Pulling manes for horses going to sales.  You need a mane pulled?  Call our office.

Favorite Hobbies outside of work:  (1) Card making – it’s not just an addiction; it’s a hobby. (2) Educating our office assistant on pop culture movies.

Michele is extremely important to our team and the functioning of the farm.  Without her, our office would not be the same!


Sometimes you gotta get out of the office and stretch!

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