Groom Spotlight: Octavio
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Spend time on the farm during weanling sale prep, and one sight you’ll always see is one horse and handler pair handwalking far ahead of the rest.  No matter how much the others try to keep up with him, they can’t.  A true “Silver Springs original,” Octavio has been with us since the farm’s inception in 2014.  He’s part of the backbone that supports our Brentsville division, working with the mares, foals, and weanlings. 

Q:  How did you get started with horses? 

A:  Growing up, my family had cows and horses, and even some goats.  Mostly, the horses were used to work the cows.  It was different than around here because we only fed grass and salt, no grain like these farms.  Sometimes we would feed corn, but no oats.  The animals were outside all the time and it was nice because there were no stalls to muck.  Actually, before I came here I used to work in the city making clothes in a factory because I had moved there for school.


Q:  What’s your favorite part about your job?

A:  I like doing something every day.  I like mowing and working with the sale horses.  When shows come and the owners say how beautiful the horses look, I feel proud.  I like how happy people are when they look at my horses.


Q:  What are your favorite things to do outside of working at Silver Springs?

A:  Outside of work, I like to eat at nice restaurants, go on vacation to nice cities, see new people, go shopping, etc. I love Italian, French, and Chinese cuisine, but locally my favorite restaurants are Pepe’s in Georgetown and Mi Mexico in Lexington.


Q:  Do you have any bucket list items?

A:  I like meeting people from other countries and experiencing their cultures and foods.  Someday, I want to visit countries like France, Spain, Dubai, Australia, etc.  Dubai seems like a very fancy and nice city.  I need more money though before I can go there!


Octavio with his friend, Totes Magotes!

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