Groom Spotlight: Meet Andrew
RSS Feeds Thursday, January 3, 2019

 Towering above the rest of our grooms, Andrew has been with the farm for three years as part of our Cooper’s Run yearling and training division.  A local from Bourbon County, he’s worked his way up from maintenance onto horse crew, has worked sales, and recently ventured into Thoroughbred ownership for the first time with the hopes of pinhooking a weanling with a few friends.

Q:  What are your goals with your new filly?

A:  To make money of course!  If we can’t sell her though, we want to try to train and race her ourselves.


Q:  What were some things you learned buying from the November sale for the first time?

A:  It’s really hard.  Everyone has more money, and if they want the horse I’m looking at, they have a better chance of getting it.  I’ve been around long enough to know what a good horse is, but they’ve been around longer.  Compared to my experience working sales, it was definitely weird asking someone to give me a show.  There’s also a lot more horses than you’d expect.  When you’re working the sales and showing, you only see the horses in your barn.  When you go around to the other barns, you get a better appreciation for the scope of the sale and just how many horses there are.

Q:  What’s the best horse you’ve worked with personally?

A:  It was during the off season, but when I was at Adena there were a few days that I got to help groom Ghostzapper and muck his stall. That was pretty cool.


Q:  What’s your favorite part about working with horses?

A:  It’s very rewarding.  I love watching them grow up.  Their life is pretty open-ended; they could become a Triple Crown winner, or become someone’s trail horse.  You never really know.  It’s fun to be a part of that.



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