Dealing with MUD
RSS Feeds Saturday, April 7, 2018


How do you deal with above average precipitation in early Spring? Just outside Paris KY we are lucky enough to have underground streams. These help collect and disperse all the excess water. However, this year even those have seemed to fill up. The situation has increasingly become one of MUD. Gateways, outside feed pans, hay racks, and any other sources of interest for our horses are in trouble.

Horses are tough on land, their hooves chew up and compact the earth as they run and play. During the spring, summer, and fall while the grass is growing, these spots re-grow and cover over quickly with just a little rest. However during the late winter it can quickly become a problem. We are constantly moving feed plates and hay racks, but we can’t move the gateways. We plan throughout the year for this by digging them up, and laying back down a layer of drainage rocks, covered by smaller gravel and then bluestone. Finally we cover all that with a few inches of mulch to keep a soft footing. Over the years we have to replace some of the mulch, but it sure beats walking through mud. We are trying a similar strategy around our waterer systems as well.

This also helps when we must drive out in the paddocks. Vehicles are very tough on your grass and create ruts. These enhanced gateways help get our trucks in and out without incidents. This problem always solves itself as the weather changes but it’s a huge inconvenience during the season. How do you deal with your mud?


- Erik

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