Aftercare Spotlight: Tapanista
RSS Feeds Monday, April 15, 2019

After a short racing career spanning three starts, Tapanista, a 2015 filly by K One King out of Atlantic Tap, was deemed ready to move on to a second career.  Hillary Ramspacher was not looking for another horse when she saw the ad, listed with two other off-track thoroughbreds for sale, advertising a filly for sale.  Intending to look at the horses for a friend, the chestnut filly with lots of chrome ended up coming home with her in mid-December.


Tapanista was foaled here at Silver Springs.  The only January baby that year, the filly was born on an extremely cold night and raised on our broodmare division.  While in our program, she was handled daily, learning to lead, pick up feet, be groomed, and taught basic manners.  Eventually, she graduated to our yearling division where she continued to be raised with care and daily attention.  Now as a riding horse, Hillary said the filly’s calm demeanor is a testament to being handled by good people, both while being raised at the farm and at the track.


Tapanista as a foal going through an extra fluffy stage.


Now known as Thalia, or “T,” Hillary plans to compete with her in the Show Hunters division at the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project.  While only having been under saddle as a riding horse for a few short months, she’s already been jumping mini courses, schooling at Masterson Station, and plans to enter a few schooling shows.


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